Although this year was challenging for many, the blockchain industry still saw many breakthroughs, with companies pushing the limits of what is possible in the decentralized space. To introduce you to some of the major projects that should be made aware of in 2021, here are five projects, including our own, that we believe will truly make revolutionary breakthroughs throughout this year. The projects range from easy to deploy blockchain solutions to improved loans on DeFi for businesses.

1. Arckadl

Arckadl leverages Software Defined Data Integrity (SDDI), the Blockchain Session ControllerTM and the Cloud Federation to provide a trusted, cloud-based enterprise management…

At one point in time, the database (also known as DB) was considered a revolutionary technology. The database started as a technology of complex algorithms that was used to sort, change and process information. A little later, computers began to become more commercially available, and business people found real-world purposes. Now, with the rise of the blockchain, many wonder what makes this upgrade so revolutionary.

To compare, let’s see what the main differences are between a traditional database and a blockchain database.

Traditional database vs. blockchain database

Traditional databases use client-server architecture. This means that a user can modify data that is stored on a…

Our world is becoming increasingly digitized, which means companies are continuing to grasp at the latest technologies. This year more than ever.

The pandemic has genuinely changed the views of how many businesses handle disruptions to their typical processes. As a result, a report from IDC says that more companies will have invested in AI and advanced analytics by 2022, especially in the science and healthcare provider industry to avoid any future supply chain disruptions.

So, what does this mean?

Technologies with any promise to prevent future disruptions will be highly sought after since the world needs some certainty as…

Blockchain is known as a secure solution. But why can we be so sure that this is the case?

A blockchain is secured through a chain of digital blocks that contain records of transactions. Each block is connected to the one before it and the one after it. This means that for changes to be made in the data, the blocks surrounding it will need to be changed. This might not sound convincing enough, but the blockchain’s immutability is based on the principles of consensus algorithms, cryptography and decentralization to ensure trust is maintained across all transactions.


Blockchains work through…

Artificial Intelligence and blockchain combining forces were destined from the beginning. Although overlap has been minimal, Big Data has since become the joining factor between the two. After all, both are solutions for deriving value from data, so it only makes sense that these two technologies would go hand in hand.

While blockchain is a way to transfer and store data, Artificial Intelligence, more commonly referred to as AI, involves using computers to create human intelligence models that can make predictions on existing data. What makes AI unique is its ability to “learn” and make better decisions over time. …

Essential to Arckadl’s Blockchain Session Controller™ is another equally hyped technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) and, more specifically, Software-Defined IoT. Interestingly enough, the concept of IoT needing blockchain is not new and has since been a discussion topic for several years now. The combination of these technologies is believed to produce a virtually limitless variety of possibilities.

Consider the potential limitations of IoT that blockchain addresses and a real-life application of what can be accomplished with both technologies working together.

Blockchain provides security that IoT lacks

With so many IoT devices connected through the cloud, more data is being collected than ever before. Unfortunately, many…

Arckadl is known for the Blockchain Session Controller™ offering, which is built based on the initial concepts of blockchain technology. The technology itself can seem complicated, which is why our team has focused a solution on simplifying deployment so any business can deploy a blockchain (if you are interested in our company mission you can read Arckadl’s interview on Authority Magazine). But before we outline how blockchain can be useful to your business, let’s consider the basics.

Blockchain technology actually originated from a concept to timestamp digital documents back in 1991. Unfortunately, this idea remained an idea until 2009 when…

A killer app is a specific use case for a new technology that makes the public view it as supreme to other offerings, and as such, it is mainstream. Many have argued that a killer app is what has held blockchain back from being mainstream. Skeptics suggest that if blockchain were to have a killer application, it would have happened by now (after all, Bitcoin has been around for over ten years now). However, enthusiasts counter blockchain doesn’t require a killer app. It is a killer app. These perspectives all differ significantly, so what is the right answer?

While we…

Today’s supply chains are more complex than ever before, with links and information existing between parties that are geographically dispersed worldwide. The resulting complexity and lack of transparency into a supply chain’s inner workings have resulted in many looking to blockchain as the potential solution to transform the logistics industry. This industry is also believed to benefit from growing trends which suggest responsible sourcing and better visibility into trusted data are two trends consumers and supply chain participants value.

Even with pilots in place, many still wonder just how far off the widespread adoption of blockchain in supply chain is…

2020 was anything but predictable. As a result of an ever-changing environment, traditional business models and consumer expectations have continued to change rapidly and make the concept of a business-wide transformation, an essential step for businesses to survive. Although there is no clear solution for adaptation, one technology has continued to remain at the forefront of the business community across all industries. As you might have guessed, this technology is the distributed ledger known as the blockchain. With blockchain, businesses are equipped to change the way (or transform) the processes underlying critical functions and paving the way for added value.

What is Business Transformation?


Arckadl is a global company with an enduring commitment to the foundation of all trusted ecosystems using blockchain technology.

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