Arcakdl’s Blockchain Session Controller: Where Blockchain Meets the Cloud

We are happy to introduce the Arckadl Blockchain Session Controller, a hybrid cloud solution meeting the data needs of modern enterprises. Arckadl provides a more secure, efficient, and cost saving way to handle data management on the cloud.

Now that we have fully entered the age of data, enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult and expensive to manage the sheer volume of data they must deal with on a daily basis. They share some data with customers, some with other businesses, and even more between company computer networks.

The very face of data continues to change, as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning enable our devices to speak to each other automatically and in real time, such as with a heart monitor or other medical devices. Integrating these modern data systems into an enterprise is a complex and expensive process. Additionally, the problem remains as to how to protect and secure all this data as it goes back and forth between devices, businesses, and computer networks.

Most enterprises must turn to cloud management to help with the expense of in-house technicians, system administrators, data storage and hardware/software management. But how can they fully protect their network systems and the data for their business as well as for their valued customers?

If that weren’t enough for businesses struggling to manage their data, the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed many of them to the edge of their budget, just at a time when most company networks must expand to home offices. Because of the current economic uncertainties worldwide, enterprises are already cutting back in capital expenditures and network costs to brace for the coming year.

Arckadl’s Blockchain Session Controller (BSC) combines the power of private and public blockchains with cloud technologies to bring a much needed solution to modern data needs. A BSC makes use of blockchain technology so that companies may seamlessly manage all types of data, including from autonomous devices. A company can choose which data is private and which is public. Moreover, they have the ability to designate data ownership to their customers.

e are very excited about the Arckadl platform and envision a unique opportunity for enterprises and the blockchain community to increase productivity and reduce costs while seamlessly managing their data in the most secure means available.” — Ronen Cojocaru, CEO, Arckadl

Arckadl has designed their unique Blockchain Session Controller to enable companies to stay competitive in the unusual circumstances of 2020, and going forward to manage the data complexities of the future. The hybrid cloud management system they are creating for sharing and managing data will alleviate complex data needs while reducing capital expenditures and allowing for a new level of data security, all within a cost effective, ‘pay as you go’ model.

Arckadl’s Blockchain-Cloud hybrid solution is currently running on a trial basis for multiple service providers — later this year it will be open to the public.

With a solution for managing and affording the complex data systems required in modern business, Arckadl’s Blockchain Session Controller takes out the worry and exorbitant costs, enabling companies to do the work they need to do so they can expand and succeed.

Welcome to the future of data management.

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Arckadl is a global company with an enduring commitment to the foundation of all trusted ecosystems using blockchain technology.

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