Arckadl’s Blockchain-Cloud Solution Takes Shape as Service Providers Onboard

Data management in our global business ecosystem becomes more complex by the minute. As the use of IoT devices grows within many industries, and as machine learning and AI begin to influence all areas of business, these complexities begin to feel insurmountable to many enterprises. That’s where Arckadl steps in with a leading edge technological solution.

As the volume of data grows, granting new and exciting capabilities, so must the integrity of the data grow. Companies need help so they can evolve alongside these changes. But they often have concerns about how to protect and maximize the use of their company’s data in an economically feasible way:

  • How can we keep our company’s data safe from hacks?
  • What are the ways to protect our customer’s personal data?
  • How can we make the most of our data without breaking the bank or putting our clients and ourselves at risk?

Enterprises need solutions for data management yesterday, meaning the pace at which data expands leaves many companies in the dust.

  • Often enterprises can’t afford to stay up-to-date, or don’t have the technical know-how, the time, or the capital to manage it all.
  • Young startups have an immense barrier to entry to overcome when entering the market.
  • In a time when more and more people are working from home, data challenges and risks only continue to grow.

Arckadl’s solution was designed to answer the need for a streamlined, secure and cost efficient way to manage your company’s data. Now, and in the future.

By using blockchain technology to create dedicated, immutable ledgers for both private and public data, and by incorporating them into a hybrid cloud management system, the solution to data security and managing fast-growing loads of data has finally arrived: The Blockchain Session Controller (BSC).

“We are very excited about Arckadl’s hybrid cloud platform. With major service providers already testing it out, we look forward to our upcoming public launch to show the world what the future of data management looks like.” — Ronen Cojocaru, Co-Founder/CEO, Arckadl

Several major service providers have already taken the step to sign on and pioneer Arcadl’s vision. To stay up-to-date and learn more about the technology behind Arcakdl’s data ecosystem, follow us and give a clap or two here in Medium, and follow our Twitter to learn more each week.

Arckadl is a global company with an enduring commitment to the foundation of all trusted ecosystems using blockchain technology.

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