Blockchain Projects You Should Care About in 2021

3 min readMar 10, 2021


Although this year was challenging for many, the blockchain industry still saw many breakthroughs, with companies pushing the limits of what is possible in the decentralized space. To introduce you to some of the major projects that should be made aware of in 2021, here are five projects, including our own, that we believe will truly make revolutionary breakthroughs throughout this year. The projects range from easy to deploy blockchain solutions to improved loans on DeFi for businesses.

1. Arckadl

Arckadl leverages Software Defined Data Integrity (SDDI), the Blockchain Session ControllerTM and the Cloud Federation to provide a trusted, cloud-based enterprise management system that businesses can implement for policy enforcement, network compliance and data governance. This system is unique since it allows businesses to operate and manage a series of trusted private and public blockchain networks. Some of the most valuable use cases include a service provider to enable global blockchain networks, healthcare and pharmaceutical, Smart Contracts for insurance and Logistics for the Supply Chain.

While use cases are many in number, deploying a solution that allows enterprises to configure who communicated with whom and manage data sharing relationships from anywhere. This truly revolutionizes the speed in which businesses can get blockchain technology up and running in their ecosystem and can be likened to the company’s combination of Cloud and blockchain technology.

2. TrueFi

The crypto industry has been considering new methods to provide lending services for quite some time now. TrueFi was a project launched by the TrustToken team to cater to companies that wanted to make crypto loans but did not have any collateral. This has proven to be a unique avenue as the unsecured blockchain lending space has cleared nearly $60 million in loans without defaults.

3. Radix

Radix is a company that created the first breakthrough layer one platform to help businesses meet the needed finance applications that were more complex than the current protocols allowed for. The main target of this protocol is to provide businesses with public networks that are unlimited in scale.

4. TimeChain

Next on the list is the Indian startup TimeChain. TimeChain provides businesses with research and development (R&D) services specifically for blockchain. The intent is that with this information, companies can transform their business and information technology (IT) operations. The startup helps companies with building initial proof-of-concepts (POC) and advanced prototypes of end products. The company also helps businesses that are looking to implement blockchain solutions find the right talent for the job. Currently, the availability of affordable solutions to deploy blockchain architecture is next to impossible since many iterations of the technology may be needed to make it usable by the enterprise. By providing the proper expertise, TimeChain aims to reduce this.

5. Cardano

Cardano is another smart technology that has been designed as a platform to enable smart contract technology to reach its full potential. This organization’s end goal is to make the services offered in the traditional financial space for dApps more accessible through their innovative blockchain platform.

The initiatives taken by these companies all suggest that the world is on the brink of mainstream adoption. Whether you are looking to develop an dApp or a business looking at digital transformation opportunities, we encourage you to dive deeper into what blockchain means for you by reading the rest of our blog.

Any projects you think are worth mentioning? Please share in the comments below.




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