How Software Defined Data Integrity (SDDI) Accelerates IoT Adoption

3 min readOct 15, 2020


Software Defined Data Integrity (SDDI) is an integral part of Arckadl’s Blockchain Session Controller™. Because of SDDI, enterprises have a seamless routing solution that breaks down different types of data and sends it automatically and securely to where that data is meant to go.

With Arckadl’s use of SDDI in conjunction with cloud and blockchain technologies, enterprises and service providers select which data is shared and which is kept private. SDDI allows for a tamper resistant and real time method of asset and data separation, and while enabling companies to set up data routing according to their unique specifications. Arckadl creates this secure way to transmit data so that companies have the peace of mind about who can access their data, as well as the data of their customers and partners.

How SDDI Works

Sometimes referred to as the “brain” of the Blockchain Session Controller™”, SDDI uses the infrastructure created through use of private and public blockchain ledgers. What this enables is a free flow of IoT data from foreign devices while at the same time a level of data speed and security unrivaled in business today.

Through the use of SDDI, IoT data can be sent to a Private or Public blockchain in real time and with tamper resistant transmissions. Enterprises can choose to share selected data on the public blockchain while keeping proprietary or personally identifying data safe and secure.

SDDI in Action

Data from medical devices, for instance, can be transmitted in real time according to the SDDI rules so that certain data can be shared (with a University, for example) while personally identifying patient data stays safely on the private blockchain, or side chain. All of this is managed automatically from the Blockchain Session Controller™ making it easy and cost efficient for companies to meet the data demands of IoT, machine learning and AI. All of this can be quickly deployed and managed from the cloud, creating a data solution fit for modern business.

How SDDI and Arckadl Advance the IoT Industry

Because of this streamlined approach, SDDI enables an acceleration in the adoption of IoT for enterprises and service providers. That’s because they now are able to easily manage and automate the ever growing loads of data.

More and more businesses are using IoT and other advanced data technologies to improve their workflow, advance their business initiatives, and enjoy real time data analytics. Arckadl’s solution ensures that enterprises can stay in step with the growth of IoT data intelligence.

In today’s world, data is becoming the new oil. SDDI as part of Arckadl’s data management solution gives enterprises a safe way to share in real time important data that can benefit many people. At the same time, it provides a much needed security feature for companies worried about hacks and the expense and PR problems associated with them.

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