How to Scale Your Business in the Complex World of Data

As with all modern businesses, there’s the constant pressure to keep up with technical innovation. At the same time, due to the massive reach of search engines and social media, companies now have access to a global market.

Yet how does an enterprise thrive when their business environment is in perpetual motion? How do they manage technological upgrades to stay relevant AND take advantage of mass scaling opportunities at the same time? To many management teams, the task seems out of reach in terms of cost and IT resources.

The complexities of data management make scaling a business seem over burdensome for many enterprises.

Then, usher in 2020 and data management needs for businesses are suddenly mushrooming as lockdowns force millions of workers and students to do their computing from home. The economic aftermath of the pandemic, which is still unfolding, is also putting extraneous strain on businesses. What is needed now is a way for companies to migrate simply and quickly to a cloud solution that can handle today’s complex data environment safely and securely, so your business can continue to grow.

Arckadl has created a solution for simplifying data management that accelerates your company’s ability to handle data from IoT devices, Machine Learning and AI. Additionally, companies gain an easily deployed cloud management system that protects private data and helps businesses achieve scale. Arckadl’s Blockchain Session Controller (BSC) makes this all happen by utilizing the best of today’s technology to achieve data simplicity and streamlined scaling.

Arckadl Blockchain-Cloud Hybrid Solution

Arckadl’s unique blockchain-cloud system cleverly combines the best of today’s leading edge technologies to deliver piece of mind to businesses struggling to handle data management:

  • Private and public blockchains enable businesses to conduct, secure, and automate the flow of private and public (shareable) data.
  • The blockchain-enabled data routing system seamlessly manages data from internal and external computer networks, IoT devices, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • The immutability of blockchain ledgers along with their 24/7 real-time updates, creates a safe data system that is always available and relevant.
  • Through the blockchain-cloud hybrid that Arckadl has created, data routing (from all sources) is accelerated, so enterprises can stay on the leading edge.
  • The deployment of Blockchain Session Controllers is fast, easy and cost effective.
  • Companies now have a solution to the complexities of data management so they can get back to scaling their business.
  • Automated systems like blockchains simplify data management and remediate costly and time-consuming cloud migrations.

Keeping on the Path to Success

Every business want to grow and expand, that is their very nature. They want to stay on track and take advantage of modern business innovations — but complexity stands in the way.

Arckadl understands that in today’s uncertain economic environment with data expanding at an unimaginable pace, businesses need a helping hand to simplify data management. So, now companies have a remotely managed, automated data solution that deploys quickly and easily. Not only is data expertly managed, but the ways in which data can be safely shared is also expanded. Arckadl is in touch with the need for businesses to stay in step with technological innovation without hurting the bottom line.

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