IoT is Changing the World — Is Your Business Ready?

4 min readOct 1, 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technological phenomenon that accelerates the capabilities of enterprises worldwide. But in line with the advance of IoT is the need for enterprises to find a way to safely manage and secure their IoT data load without a hefty capital expenditure and dedicated IT teams. Not every business can afford all that and many don’t know where to turn for cost efficient solutions to modern data management.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of physical “things” (think cars, refrigerators, pace makers, weather stations, etc.) that have sensors and software embedded in them for connecting and transmitting data to other devices and networks over the Internet.

Examples of IoT

IoT continues to emerge in industry after industry as a way for enterprises to accelerate scaling, become more cost efficient, and stay in step with leading technology. Some examples of IoT for business include:

  • Healthcare providers can quickly gather and analyze data from heart monitors of thousands of patients.
  • A trucking company can enjoy real time fleet location management and track and adapt to current traffic conditions.
  • Smart cities can install clean air and water sensors and automated street light systems to conserve energy.

The possibilities are endless with IoT, but businesses are struggling to find a way to handle all of this data coming from their developing network of smart ‘things’ and devices.

The Problem with IoT Data

Most enterprises don’t currently have the staff, expertise and capital to take advantage of all that IoT has to offer. It is now particularly difficult for companies just starting out to get up to speed, and it’s also a challenge for big successful companies who now need to manage far more data than they ever imagined.

How do businesses manage the collection, transmission, use and security of IoT data?

One challenge is that some IoT data is public and businesses WANT to be able to share it. Take, for instance, the trucking company. They may want to share some of their data publicly, such as traffic monitoring with partner shipping companies and delivery dates with their customers. But they want to also keep each individual driver’s identity and location private or route it directly to their Human Resources department.

In the case of a healthcare practitioner, doctors want to utilize IoT to scale their ability to monitor many patients at once. Heart rate and blood pressure data can be instantly shared with medical facilities worldwide for statistical and research purposes. But the patient’s identity data must be routed effectively so as not to become publicly attainable.

Up until now, the only solution for handling this many kinds of IoT data was a hybrid cloud solution that included a public cloud and a private cloud. But hybrid cloud services cannot match the scale at which IoT data is growing. For this, a blockchain is necessary. And not just any blockchain, but a suite of private and public blockchains that are deployed quickly and set up to match the exact needs of each business and their customers.

Arckadl’s Blockchain Session Controller

The Blockchain Session Controller (BSC) at Arckadl provides enterprises with a data routing solution that enables them to control and manage the ownership, privacy and security of their data. By using private and public blockchains, each BSC that is deployed for a business gives them the capabilities to fully control their business data in a secure and scalable system.

Arckadl is a hybrid cloud solution with blockchain technology integrated for maximum impact, delivering the acceleration of IoT implementation that businesses need today.

Now, enterprises can securely manage data from IoT devices and decide which data goes to the public blockchain for sharing and which goes to the private blockchain for security. The deployment of BSCs for business is seamless and quick, making the most of automated technologies and saving enterprises both time and money.

  • The public blockchain is set up for each business for the exchange of valuable IoT data.
  • The private blockchain (sidechain) captures sensitive or proprietary data that stays safe and secure.

Arckadl’s Technology — Where it Excels

Blockchain Session Controllers enable IoT data to quickly connect devices, applications and E2E infrastructure to a blockchain environment with use of simple APIs. This enables a proof of source system that connects to a secured cloud environment — all accomplished in zero time.

In this blockchain-cloud hybrid system, the blockchain and IoT collaborate very well together, fulfilling different data segments for enterprises, service providers, supply chains, smart contracts and much more.

Blockchain Session Controller — Key Points

  • BSCs elevate enterprise efficiencies
  • Accelerates a company’s ability to use IoT data safely and cost effectively
  • Autonomizes the separation of private from public data
  • Remotely and autonomously manages all types of data (IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Customer ID’s, Transactions, etc) according to a company’s specifications
  • Private data such as personal medical information is kept separate and out of the public eye.
  • Public data can be shared easily in real time to customers, service providers, and partners.
  • Keeps enterprises on the leading edge of technology with a seamless and quick deployment.
  • Data transmission on blockchain are tamper resistant

The use of IoT is expanding rapidly from smart cities and supply chains, to agribusiness and manufacturers. Enterprises and service providers need a hybrid cloud solution to manage and secure their data safely, quickly, easily, and in real time — that’s why they are already looking to Arckadl’s Blockchain Session Controller.




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