The Blockchain Session Controller — Creating Business Ecosystems of the Future

4 min readOct 7, 2020

Arcakdl has built a foundation so that enterprises are able to seamlessly access a trusted data management ecosystem using blockchain technology. Let’s break this down to find out what it truly means in today’s global data-driven business landscape.

What is a Blockchain Session Controller (BSC)?

A Blockchain Session Controller (BSC) is managed from the cloud and is made up of private and public blockchain ledgers. By using blockchain tech, Arckadl taps into real time data systems that are highly secure, cost efficient and which enable businesses to scale quickly and easily.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a decentralized database (or ledger) that runs in real time 24/7. Every transaction on the blockchain ledger is encrypted and connected to each of the other transactions using hashing functions. These digital ledgers are very difficult to hack because they run on hundreds of computers at once and to change one ledger entry would mean changing every preceding transaction — something that would be extremely difficult and immediately apparent to others using the blockchain. As such, blockchains are often referred to as “immutable”.

A Public Blockchain is available to anyone in the world who downloads the software and is owned by no one. It is a self running, automated, system that incentives users to play by the rules and truthfully verify transactions. Private Blockchains still run on a distributed model with many computers running the program. But some centralized company or group is the ‘owner’ and decides who can use the private blockchain.

What the Blockchain Session Controller Does

Going back to Blockchain Session Controllers, by using blockchain technology, Arckadl takes both types of blockchains (public and private) and integrates advanced cloud technology. The result is increased data management efficiency, capabilities and security within the modern business ecosystem:

  • Businesses signing on to Arckadl can determine which data is routed to the private or public blockchain. For example, a hospital may want to share data from heart monitors with universities but they need to keep the patient data private so as not to be shared.
  • Enterprises and service providers can determine if they want their customers to take ownership of their data using the private blockchain. This concept of data self sovereignty developed by Arckadl is a solution for the massive data breaches experienced by companies using centralized servers (and not blockchains).
  • Centralized servers create problems for the businesses using them — when the server is down it can negatively impact entire companies and their ability to work. With decentralized blockchains, the server is an enormous network of computers, providing the highest availability possible for a company’s computer network.
  • The encryption technologies utilized in blockhains provide a much higher level of security. So enterprises worried about getting hacked and someone stealing their (or their customers’) data can rest easy with Arckadl’s blockchain cloud solution.

Cloud data management has become a must for almost every business, even though data breaches and network downtime are still a problem. But with a blockchain, the database and servers run constantly with zero downtime due to the distributed nature of blockchain ledgers.

Accelerating the implementation of IoT

The unique data routing system that Arckadl has created by merging blockchain tech with the cloud also streamlines the flow of data from foreign IoT devices. So not only is your business data and your customers’ data secured, but so is the ever expanding data from outside devices and networks.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of objects and devices (“things”) that have sensors or software that transmit and share data with other online networks and devices. For enterprises, this could mean a trucking company accessing mileage and oil levels for an entire fleet from their headquarters, or a weather forecasting website receiving data from air and moisture sensors across a region. The uses of IoT data for business are multiplying rapidly as data becomes the new oil.

Solving tomorrow’s data problems today

Today’s data solutions must take into account many complex challenges:

  • Who should own personal data?
  • How can public data be shared more effectively?
  • Is there a way to cut the costs of cloud data management?
  • How can business be sure their data, and that of their customers, partners and service providers, is secure from hackers?
  • The amount of data becomes more massive by the day, with IoT, AI, Machine Learning and blockchains that run constantly. Can enterprises manage this all safely and cost effectively on their own?

Arckadl’s hybrid blockchain-cloud solution creates a trusted infrastructure so that enterprises no longer struggle with the enormous task of data management. The Blockchain Session Controller creates a data management system that handles everything from policy management and network compliance, to data governance. BSCs are in step with the modern data needs of today, and tomorrow!




Arckadl is a global company with an enduring commitment to the foundation of all trusted ecosystems using blockchain technology.