How blockchain is different from traditional technologies

At one point in time, the database (also known as DB) was considered a revolutionary technology. The database started as a technology of complex algorithms that was used to sort, change and process information. A little later, computers began to become more commercially available, and business people found real-world purposes. Now, with the rise of the blockchain, many wonder what makes this upgrade so revolutionary.

To compare, let’s see what the main differences are between a traditional database and a blockchain database.

Traditional database vs. blockchain database

Blockchains solve issues of trust

What makes the blockchain so unique is that with its technology, no intermediary is needed. Therefore, competitors can have full trust in the data being shared between participants even if they are external to their company.

Removal of tangible things

Businesses can leverage this opportunity to take advantage of the diverse capabilities in their network without worrying about fraudulent transactions with an unknown or non-reputable party, since transactions are guaranteed through the blockchain.

Businesses can gain control of their data

Why blockchain is truly revolutionary

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